Wether you sign up for day camp or overnight camp, all camp programs run in the morning from 9 am to 12 pm from Monday to Friday. (See below for Afternoon activities).

You must select one program per week from the list below as your main activity for the morning activity, you may choose different programs for different weeks. The 2-week programs must be chosen for week 1&2, week 3&4 or week 5&6. 

All our program, unless otherwise specified, have a maximum ratio of 1 counsellor for every 10 campers. Our program instructors are carefully selected and experts in their field.

MORNINGS (9 am - 12 pm)

Camp Ecolart Beginners

Beginners   (ages 4-7)

This is a special program for kids 4 to 7 years old with its own Beginners Schedule Click here to see it >>. We combine different recreational and educational activities to develop cognitive, social and psychomotor skills.  Our outdoors activities include different sports, canoeing and organized camp games, and our indoor activities include arts and crafts, swimming and cooking.

Camp Ecolart Beginners
Camp Ecolart Adventure

Adventure & Kayaking  (ages 13-16)

The Adventure & Kayaking program offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the outdoors "Canadian style". This program is perfect for explorer, outdoorsy and adventurous children who like paddling in the lake, archery, making bonfires, building shelters, reading compasses and maps, and many more survival skills for all sorts of adventures in the wild.

Camp Ecolart kayaking.jpg
Camp Ecolart Arts

Arts & Cooking  (ages 8-16)

The Arts & Cooking program offers a remarkable artistic and culinary experience for campers of all ages. From making fantastic artistic projects to learning different techniques to cook delicious meals and pastries, this weekly program  is definitely the right choice for those children who like to get their hands messy and expand their creativity. 

Camp Ecolart Cooking
Camp Ecolart Biking

Biking & Crossfit   (ages 10-16)

The Biking & Crossfit program offers an awesome experience for those who like to be active, fit and like to ride. Learn to maintenance and repair your bike, ride awesome trails around the campgrounds, do crazy workouts and stretches and channel all that energy into something great for your body and mind. If you like all these, this is the right program for you. Note: campers must bring their own bike and helmet to camp, rental is available upon request for an extra fee.

Camp Ecolart Crossfit
Camp Ecolart Canoeing

Canoeing & Fishing  (ages 8-16)

The Canoeing & Fishing program offers an amazing experience to learn to portage your canoe to the water, paddling and steering techniques, and rescue a capsized canoe. And why not learn to catch-and-release the fish  in the lake. Note: campers must bring their own fishing rod and line, rental is available upon request for an extra fee.  


Cam Ecolart Fishing
Camp Ecolart Sports

Sports   (ages 8-16)

The Sports program offers a unique experience where you will play and compete with other campers from all around the world in soccer, tennis, football, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball and more. If you are very athletic and like to play many different sports and compete in the most epic sports tournament, this is definitely the program for you.  

Camp Ecolart Sports.jpg
Camp Ecolart Photo

Photo & Video   (ages 10-16)

The Photo & Video program offers quick learning of technical and theoretical aspects of professional digital photography and videography using DSLR cameras. From producing a short video to taking crisp images in our fully equipped studio this program will definitely get you in the digital media world. Note: campers are suggested to bring their own camera to optimize their learning process, but we provide all production equipment.

Camp Ecolart Video
Camp Ecolart ESL

ESL / FSL (English or French lessons)  (ages 8-16) (2-week program)

Learn English or French as a second language at camp and practice with native speakers to maximize your learning experience in a friendly and fun environment. We offer Basic and Intermediate levels, focusing on 4 different components: reading, writing, conversation and comprehension. A placement evaluation is made on the first day of camp.

Camp Ecolart FSL
Camp Ecolart Sailing

Sailing - CANSail 1&2   (ages 10-16) (2-week program)

In this course, campers are taught the basic skills of sailing, such as safety, seamanship and boat handling in winds to 15km/hr velocity on CL 14s and squadron 13s boats. Campers must be able to swim 50 yards while wearing a shirt, long trousers, and running shoes and provide their own approved life jacket. Note: Fridays kids go to the multi sport program, sailing is only from Monday to Thursday.

Cam Ecolart Sailing
Camp Ecolart Waterskiing

Water Sports    (ages 10-16)

This program offers individual lessons for waterskiing and/or wakeboarding on a SeaDoo Wake. Campers must bring their own life jacket and wet shoes. We have a very limited number of spots for this program due to the number of boats we have. Hurry up to reserve a spot now, if there is any left!

Camp Ecolart Wakeboarding

C.I.T. - Counselor in training   (ages 15-17)

Become a camp counsellor this summer! The CIT program is a 200-hour course designed to train teens 15+ to become great camp counsellors. Mornings to learn, plan and organize; afternoons to play, lead, and team work. Overnight campers also enjoy our evening activities and weekend excursions. Pass your theory and practice tests and obtain a certification from Camp Ecolart. 



AFTERNOONS (1 - 4 pm)


All campers from all different programs are mixed up and separated in Teens 13-16 and Juniors 8-12. Within these age groups, we create 4 different houses that compete against each other in all afternoon games and organized activities to obtain points and win the Ecolart Cup at the end of the week!


Click Here >> to see a sample of our afternoon activities at Camp Ecolart.